My Thoughts on This Year’s Oscars Nominations


This is more of my thoughts of the Oscars after this year’s nominations announcement. The Oscars are stupid. Yes, they simply are. The Oscars is often considered the most prestigious award in the film industry. Winning one can make someone a star overnight. Over the years, the Academy has often been criticized for favoring “safer” movies rather than truly great and innovative ones. Certain masterpieces, such as 2001: A Space Odyssey and Pulp Fiction don’t receive Oscars because they are not within the Academy’s little circle of biopics, romantic dramas and historical pieces. It is understandable that some of those movies were not fully appreciated at the time even by the general public. But this year, I have truly given up any respect for the Academy and their award ceremony. I have been continuously intrigued in the nominees and winners of the Oscars even though I sometimes disagree with them. This year, the nominations are far more horrendous compared to previous years.

Firstly, The Lego Movie is not nominated for best animated film. What the heck. Many people actually thought The Lego Movie would win the Oscar for best animated film. Hell! Some people thought it might even be nominated for best picture! The Lego Movie was definitely one of the most critically acclaimed movies of the year and one of my favorites as well. The film’s animation style, sense of humor and heart-warming message are all reasons why it should at least be nominated.

Secondly, Gone Girl is not nominated for best adapted screenplay. Gillian Flynn, the author of the Gone Girl novel, adapted her own novel into a screenplay and made it work. Just in case you didn’t know, Gone Girl is one of the most convoluted novels to ever come out from the past few years. The fact that Flynn was able to turn that into a comprehendible and well-paced thriller is far beyond Oscar worthy. I think the Academy nominated Inherent Vice over Gone Girl for some dumb reason. Inherent Vice has good dialogue and some interesting characters but the confusing storyline doesn’t feel “innovative”, it just feels distracting.

Thirdly, American Sniper is nominated for too many awards. People expected American Sniper to only get nominations for its sound and editing, and possibly even its screenplay. But not best actor or FREAKING BEST PICTURE. American Sniper does have moments of intensity and surely does respect Chris Kyle’s legacy but the film does not present any depth to the psychology of its hero or the moral issues of the Iraq war. Bradley Cooper does a fine job but wasn’t too impressive. He just came off as a dull military soldier with a family waiting for him to come home.

Fourthly, Meryl Streep is nominated for another Oscar. Enough said.

Before I get to my last point, I just want to state that I was always very sure that two of my favorite movies of the year, Snowpiercer and The Babadook, would not be nominated for any Oscars because those two films are from foreign countries and have not received enough attention.

Finally, JAKE GYLLENHAAL’S PERFORMANCE FROM NIGHTCRAWLER IS NOT NOMINATED FOR BEST ACTOR! This was the turning point for me. I understand that the Academy is not a big fan of independent thriller movies like Nightcrawler but Jake Gyllenhaal’s performance is the best of the entire year. He was very subtle and extremely creepy. Gyllenhaal completely through himself into his character and was absolutely amazing. Not for one second did see Jake Gyllenhaal on screen, I just saw some creepy ass psychopath. Two nominated performances for best actor this year did not deserve it. As I mentioned earlier, Bradley Cooper is dull in American Sniper and Steve Carell relies 50% of the time on makeup to deliver a good performance in Foxcatcher. Also, I think Steve Carell only received so much praise because he, as a comedian, gave a “good” dramatic performance for once in his life. The Academy gobbles that stuff down like its ice cream. A comedian giving a dramatic performance does not automatically make it good. Jake Gyllenhaal wins my own personal Oscar for best performance of the year.

Through this list of screw-ups in this year’s Oscar nominations, I have decided to not be so excited anymore. The only thing truly worthy of praise this year is that Transformers 4 wasn’t nominated for anything, not even technical awards (thank God). Still, an Oscar is not a barometer of real quality films and instead just a pile of BS.

P.S. I apologize for my usage of caps but I need some method of letting out my anger.

Please comment in the comment section below. Thank you for reading!


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